Our Clients Depend On Us Because We Understand the Dental IT Services They Require.

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Dental IT Consulting
Our dental clients tell us that they reaped immediate benefits once they signed up for our dental IT services. You will, too. With Managed Services from DTP, your practice will gain efficiency, security, and productivity. Service offerings include: proactive IT management and remote monitoring, live helpdesk support, security that protects your data and PHI, backup and disaster-recovery solutions, HIPAA compliance support, mobile device management, and more.
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HIPAA/PCI Compliance
Do you use PCI Data Security Standards to process your cardholder information? If so, you must retain an audit-trail history. Your practice must undergo a PCI-Compliance Audit to ensure patients’ data is protected during card transactions. DTP will perform a customized PCI Audit. This will allow us to assess the security of your POS system.
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Onsite Support
DTP’s team of field technicians are available when onsite assistance is needed. Whether it’s a hardware replacement, a change to your Internet Service Provider, or an emergency, we’re here for you.
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Managed Antivirus
When it comes to protecting your PHI and other confidential data, workstation antivirus is a critical component. DTP has a multifaceted approach to ensuring the security of our clients’ information.
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Managed Backup
According to HIPAA, dental practices like yours must ensure “retrievable, exact copies of electronic PHI.” If not, you may incur costly HIPAA infractions. Your PHI must be encrypted, stored securely, and backed up with a reliable data-backup solution.
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Helpdesk Support
With patients who depend on you for fast, effective service, you need the same from your IT helpdesk. DTP provides live support Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST. We also provide after hours emergency support.
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DTP is the go-to dental IT expert for all your needs. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you: (770) 918-0075 or