Helpdesk Support

Your Practice Deserves Specialized Helpdesk Support For Dentists.

Effective helpdesk support is necessary. Don’t settle for less.

Advances in technology increase efficiency and productivity. However, with these advancements comes a need for helpdesk support. With patients depending on your for fast, effective service, you need a technology partner with helpdesk support for dentists specifically, and responds quickly to your urgent technology needs.

DTP provides the helpdesk support you require, with:

  • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST support, with 24/7 emergency coverage
  • A team of skilled helpdesk professionals ready to answer your call
  • Follow-up to ensure your issues are completely resolved
  • A single source for handling your IT issues in a timely manner
Blue phone headset illustration
Unlike other IT providers, DTP is experienced in the latest dental software and technology. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your practice succeed every day at (770) 918-0075.